1. Use the camera grid

Using the theory rule of thirds, where by images are more aesthetically appealing when the main subject lies one third of the way across and down on your image. Following this theory makes an image more interesting than if you put the subject square in the middle.

To help you with this there is an option to place a grid of thirds over your viewfinder screen. The button to turn this option on isn’t found in the camera app itself but actually in the “Photos & Camera” section in the “settings” app.

2. Boost the contrast

photo gifts

High Dynamic Range (HDR) is a feature that quickly takes three photos with different settings and combines them in order to get better image. This prevents parts of your image being over and under exposed. For instance, you could take a picture from inside a car on a sunny day and the interior of the car and the bright sky would both be visible. Add you images to one of the many luxury leather gifts provided by Wrappz. With a normal picture you would either find the sky washed out or the car a black smudge.

It gets an unfair reputation for producing overly dramatic shots that look digitally manipulated, but the iPhone does a relatively subtle job. Turn it on by clicking the “HDR on” option in the camera app. After you press the shutter you’ll have to wait for a few seconds for the processor to combine the images into one.

3. Don’t zoom

Often you’ll find yourself too far from what you want to photograph and it’s tempting to use the zoom. Just don’t! The iPhone comes with a digital zoom only, meaning that all you do when you zoom in is crop your image – no extra information is recorded. So while the subject that was filling only a tiny fraction of your image is now filling the whole photo, it’ll be grainy and washed-out.

With a larger, dedicated camera you may have an optical zoom that could get you closer to the action. But on a phone camera the only way to do this is literally get closer to the action or it will be pixelated.

4. Unusual angles

small photo pet bedWhile phone cameras are limiting in some ways, they’re beneficial in others. Their small size makes them handy to get creative shots. Most images are taken at shoulder height simply because that’s where it feels most natural to hold a camera. Get imaginative with your angles: shoot from low down or high up. The photos can be much more interesting for you to put onto your custom pet bed.

5. Take a few shots

A lot of phone photography comes down to luck, and you’re more likely to get the perfect image if you take a few snaps. Once you’ve got your phone out and composed a picture, you may as well press the shutter button a few times. It won’t cost you any extra. You may even be lucky enough to capture everyone looking in the right direction at the same time.

6. Wipe the lens

Unlike an expensive camera which is treated with TLC and placed in its own padded bag with a proper lens cover, your phone just gets shoved in a pocket or thrown in your handbag. Consequently, the lens is likely to get a bit mucky. Use a trusted bag for life from Wrappz to store and protect your camera lens whilst on the move. Get in the habit of giving it a wipe with a tie, soft corner of clothing or napkin before you take a shot and you’ll find your photographs much clearer. And of course, make sure your phone is protected with a Wrappz skin or case for all those shoving and throwing movements!