The Latest Microsoft Operating System

Technology giant Microsoft is preparing to launch its latest Windows 8.1 operating system for consumers in the UK at noon on October 17th. Consumers around the country are anticipating the release of the new, individual operating system, which will be offered as a free upgrade via the Windows Store.

Easy Windows Installation

All users have to do is click to install the application, then it will take place over the existing operating system – leaving all Windows Store and desktop apps intact.

Individuals who tried out the Windows 8.1 Preview when it was released will have to reinstall all of their Windows Store and desktop applications after upgrading to the final version of the operating system.

personal gaming skinsMicrosoft released Windows 8.1 to manufacturing at the end of August, insisting it would be working on tweaks to the OS right up until today’s release.

The company originally told developers they would have to wait until today to access the update. However, it eventually gave in following much protests, releasing the update to certain subscribers last month.

Download Windows 8.1 Here

So what can consumers expect from the new technology? Microsoft has promised a wide variety of new features and interface changes, including new sizes of Start screen live tiles.

In addition, the Start button will once again make an appearance, while the search facility has been revamped and the Windows Store has been given a makeover.

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New & Improved Apps

What’s more, several core apps that come with the operating system have been upgraded, including a new interface for Mail – which looks similar to that of – as well as a new look for the Music app.

The US-based brand has been working alongside third-party developers to address issues with its previous operating system. And as part of the plans, Facebook now has its first app in the Windows store!