‘Tis the season to start panicking… the Secret Santa is nearly upon us! We’ve all been there. What starts out as a well-meaning bonding experience and cost-saving brainwave nearly always ends up in a last-minute flap as you try to find something more meaningful than a bar of chocolate from the corner shop.

You start out with good intentions to find the perfect token of appreciation… and then realise you have little to no idea what your recipient actually likes. Well luckily for you, we’ve put together the ultimate Secret Santa gift guide that has something for everybody.

Given the 2020 we’ve all had, it’s nice to take time to show the people around you that you care even from afar. So here are some of our top picks for your 2020 Secret Santa:

Secret Santa gifts under £10

There’s no shame in being on a budget, especially in the current climate! You can still find a thoughtful Secret Santa gift idea without breaking the bank, so here are a couple of our personal recommendations.

Fridge magnets – £8.95

Create a wonderful keepsake using a photo of a shared memory, or a source of inspiration with a quote they love. Little trinkets like fridge magnets can really brighten up someone’s day, and clearly show that you’ve put some thought into their present.

Snoods – £9.95

There are plenty of chilly months to come even after Christmas is over, so a snood is a gift that keeps on giving. Stylish and soft to the touch, snoods come in a variety of styles and can be personalised for a finishing touch. Plus, you get the added bonus that it doubles as a face covering!

Office Secret Santa ideas

The classic Secret Santa dilemma. You’ve drawn the new hire that you’ve barely spoken to, or the walking enigma that is your HR rep. What can you get for them that doesn’t scream “I know nothing about you or your hobbies”, or “I grabbed the first thing I saw 10 minutes before this gift exchange”? Thankfully there are a couple of old faithfuls to fall back on, and adding a personalised twist shows you’ve actually put some thought into it.

Ceramic mugs – £9.95

While buying them a “World’s Best Boss” mug might not be the most original idea ever, a truly personalised mug can actually be a wonderful gift that they use every day! Photos of pets are always a great choice if you can get them (try Instagram or the group chat), or why not add personalised text referencing an inside joke?

Mouse mats – £7.95

If you only know some basic info about your recipient, such as their favourite sports team or holiday destination, the humble mouse mat could be the answer to your prayers. There are plenty of freely-usable images around the web that can provide a beautiful picture for you to use, and brighten up your recipient’s day every day.

Funny Secret Santa gifts

If you’ve drawn the joker of the pack, or maybe you’re the joker yourself, then you’ll want to get a novelty Secret Santa gift for your recipient. Here are our top recommendations for a gift to keep things light and funny this Christmas.

Face masks – £9.95

There’s nothing like a timely gift, and a novelty face mask is as useful as it is funny! Why not give them a tasteful beard, an impressive moustache, or a beaming smile! These face masks can also be personalised with text too, so you can incorporate their favourite catchphrase.

Photo cushions – from £18.95

Is your recipient destined to be with that one celebrity from that show they like? Or perhaps what they want more than anything, is to cuddle up to your face every night. The possibilities of a personalised photo cushion are endless, so let your creativity roam free.

Thoughtful Secret Santa gifts

Looking to come up with something a bit more heartfelt this year? Then look no further. Any kind of personalised gift really shows you’ve gone the extra mile, but these are a couple of our favourite gifts that really show you care.

Photo panels – £19.95

The ultimate thoughtful Secret Santa gift – get one of their treasured photo memories framed on a glass panel. Or why not gift them a photo panel of their favourite place to look at everyday? Not only will they look fondly upon the picture itself, but they’ll also always remember the thought that went into the gift.

Personalised aprons – £19.95

Buying for a wannabe star baker? Or perhaps someone whose New Year’s Resolution is to improve their culinary prowess? A personalised apron will only make their cooking experience more fun, and you’ll show that you’ve taken an interest in what they enjoy.

Tech Secret Santa gifts

If you’ve drawn a technophile, you might be struggling to find something in their interests that doesn’t cost the earth. Rather than trying to find a quirky gadget, why not get something to complement their existing tech?

Personalised laptop cases – from £16.95

Laptops aren’t a cheap investment, and chances are it’s the apple of your technophile’s eye. A protective laptop case is the perfect accessory to help keep their tech safe, and adding a personal touch really goes the extra mile. By adding photos, images, and text, the creative possibilities are endless.

Personalised phone cases – from £14.95

Everyone’s got a phone, and everyone’s got a name. Add in a background and you’ve got the perfect gift – a protective personalised phone case. You really can’t go wrong here, just make sure you know which phone model your recipient has (and that they’re not about to get a new phone for Christmas!) then you’re good to go. We’ve got phone cases for almost every conceivable model, so get designing now!

Secret Santa gifts for him

Men are often easy to buy for, but that often means that they always end up with beer and socks every year. Push the boat out with a personalised gift to stand out from the crowd, and show that you put some real effort in. Here are some of our most popular Secret Santa gifts for men of all ages.

Fine art posters – from £11.50

A custom poster is the perfect way to show expression. Family photos, motivational quotes, and meaningful song lyrics are all popular choices for our fine art posters. Or maybe you’re an artist yourself and want to gift them a piece designed especially for them? Either way, this gift is sure to go down a storm.

Keyrings – £9.95

If you’re looking for a more subtle gift this festive season, a classy faux leather keyring will go a long way. Understated and useful, a personalised keyring is the perfect token to show you care and makes a great stocking filler. Photos of family, friends, pets, or even the car itself are all popular choices here!

Secret Santa gifts for her

Buying gifts for women can sometimes feel like a bit of a minefield if you don’t know her that well. There’s no need to feel out of your depth though – a personalised gift is always well received, as it shows that care and attention have gone into the present. Here are some of our most popular Secret Santa gifts for her.

Tote bags – from £14.95

In an increasingly eco-friendly world, a canvas tote bag is a great accessory that works as a fashion item as well as doubling as a bag for life. Personalise it with photos, images, and text to create a design completely unique to your recipient!

Passport covers – £18.95

If you’re buying for a travel bug, then a personalised passport cover is a wonderful gift that they can take with them all over the world. This also makes a great gift for anyone setting off on a gap year or sabbatical. While travel might be limited at the moment, that won’t always be the case, and this gift represents the promise of what lies ahead.

If you want further inspiration for your Secret Santa gift idea, why not check out our full personalised gifts range?