Communicating with people through the use of social media and apps are becoming increasingly common due to the ease of it all.

Below are 5 of the most popular used apps for contacting our friends.

top apps for iphone

  1. Whatsapp
  2. Facebook Messenger
  3. Snapchat
  4. Viber
  5. Line


Whatsapp acts as the replacement service for SMS texting, with additional features such as calling, image and video sending all for free to anywhere in the world – as long as you have an internet connection.

End-to-end encryption has been introduced in the most recent version of Whatsapp. All your conversations are safe – no more privacy worries.

Whatsapp is used in over 109 countries and have had approximately 1 billion downloads.

Facebook Messenger

Chatting through Facebook allows so much more than texting. You can have HD calls to anywhere in the world for free, send pictures and videos, record voice messages and even have group conversations. You can even tell when people have read your messages with read receipts.

Facebook is amongst the top instant messaging apps with over 1 billion users in 49 countries.

top apps for samsungSnapchat

Snapchat, the photo and video messaging app that is so vastly popular. Once you have sent your message, the receiver will only be able to see if for a few seconds, then it self-deletes and you can’t view it again – most people forget what they say, but that’s all the fun.

Now with face filters that change everyday according to any event, Snapchat has become so popular that there were 30 million users in December of 2015 and 700 million ‘snaps’ being sent every day.

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With Viber, you can text, call, send picture messages and location sharing all for free with fellow Viber members. You really can contact anyone as it is available for those who have a desktop computer, windows 8, windows phone, android, blackberry and iOS.

Viber has been used in over 15 countries with 100 million users.

Last on our list, is the Line app

Line includes a choice of 10,000 stickers and emoticons to create a fun and exciting chat. It allows free voice and video calls for as long as you want and wherever you want – even if they don’t have the app.

On the Line app you can follow your favourite celebrities and receive promotions for restaurants and more!

Line is mostly used in 4 countries with over 100 million users.

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