iPhone Skins

You can't own your own premium Apple smartphone and not make sure it's well-protected with an iPhone skin. Most people who own iPhones find themselves glued to them but with everyone owning similar models, they’re difficult to differentiate and personalise. That’s where Wrappz comes in, offering the perfect coverage with our line of custom iPhone skins.

The skins can outfit any model of iPhone, from newer handsets like the iPhone X to older models too. The skins are made from premium 3M vinyl material to ensure the safety of your phone from scratches and minor scuffs that could otherwise damage your smartphone. These bubble-free iPhone skins are easy to install and leave no residue when removed.

How does a customised iPhone Skin work?

Through a process called 3D sublimation, iPhones skins can be personalised with personal pictures from sites such as Instagram or Facebook, or by uploading your own photos. You can even choose from our template gallery of thousands of images and art guaranteed to have something for everyone. Using our app, you can then scale them, changing their transparency and layering before adding slogans or text in a variety of font styles and colours. Be as creative as you want!

The sticker skin provides much-needed protection and makes your Apple iPhone device unique. You can feel more confident about keeping track of your phone as well. Whether you leave the device on your desk at work or leave it behind at the gym, you'll have a greater chance of retrieving it.

Get your Custom iPhone Skin Sticker in just 1-2 days!

Needless to say, an iPhone skin is a must-have accessory, particularly if you never leave home without your phone. All our iPhone sticker skins are produced in the UK so you’re guaranteed a fast delivery of 1-2 working days if you live mainland.