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  • 5 best fitness apps for Android

    Phones and lifestyle

    The change in technology has changed the way people are in everyday life, from texting to extensive workouts.

    Phones are preferred over tablets and desktops due to the efficiency and accessibility of them, adding to the popularity of custom made phone cases – buy yours here.

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  • The Android mobile phone that you’re going to want in 2016

    As time goes on, androids are becoming increasingly popular, and you might find it hard to choose which one is for you, this list will help you pick.

    Below are the 5 most popular in 2016.

    1. Samsung Galaxy s7 Edge

    Samsung - known as the most popular choice of android phones and the first choice for our best android phones of 2016. It’s the first smart phone that has a camera with a dual pixel sensor. Photos taken in the dark will now come out clear and crisp – just how you want them to. The galaxy s7 has a curvature dual edge screen design and a waterproof feature.

    If you want the Galaxy s7 Edge, you can buy from the Samsung store at the price of £639 – one of the more expensive smart phones.

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  • The release of the LG Titan

    The LG G5 Titan was released back in February 2016. Before it was released, there was a big hype about the features that were on the phone.

    The development of cameras

    As phones develop, we all hope the camera gets better so we can treasure all our memories easily.

    The most exciting thing about the LG G5 was the wide angle rear camera. The idea of this was to capture a more extensive image of your location, whilst also being crystal clear – which seem to have worked well.

    LG have introduced the choice of 4 photo frame backgrounds. Your decision of black & white, vignette, fisheye lens and a blur lens.

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  • Nokia confirms 41MP smartphone - Nokia 1020

    Nokia has unveiled its latest challenger in the smartphone market - a handset that features a massive 41-megapixel camera. As always , Wrappz are one of the first suppliers of accessories to the newsest handsets with our Nokia phone skins.

    The Nokia 1020 will succeed its current flagship model the 920 when it becomes available in the coming weeks and Nokia hope its impressive imaging specifications will encourage buyers to consider it ahead of current market leaders like the iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One.

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  • The secret getting the best tablets in 2016

    Owning a tablet can mean you have your productivity station with you wherever you need it. You need to work, but are away from the office? Get a tablet and take it with you make it personal – get a skin for your new tablet here.

    Below are 3 of the most popular tablets in 2016

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  • A new and exciting way of keeping your house tidy with your iPhone

    The world of apps is full of weird and wonderful things from messaging people, to creating some fun or to keep you organised.

    Many people find it hard to keep up to date with the housework, they either find it boring, or they just don’t care about it. Make your housework more fun with a custom made cleaning apron that represents who you are.

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  • The Best Apps To Listen To Your Favourite Music

    The changes of technology over the past 10 years has been dramatic, we can now do so much more whilst we are away from home.

    One of the biggest things is the ability to listen to music on the go. Constant entertainment. Even from your phone, cover it in an effects skin and watch your phone light up for just £8.95. Buy now.

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  • Get The Best Smartphone With LG


    Technology manufacturer LG has announced it is launching the world's first Quad HD smartphone screen. With smartphone’s always changing, you have to keep up to date with protecting your phone, look here for yours.

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  • What do people really think of the HTC One A9?

    The HTC One A9 was designed to look just like the iPhone 6, many call it the iPhone with the brains of an Android.

    Which doesn’t sound too good, but why is there such an issue with Android phones?

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  • Tesco to launch Hudl tablet

    7012349Supermarket retailer Tesco is planning to branch out into consumer technology by launching its own media tablets, it has been reported.

    Sources with knowledge on the matter told the Sunday Times the organisation is planning to introduce an iPad-style slate in time for Christmas, although very little further information is known at this time.
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